This morning on Glenn Beck’s Tribute Channel SiriusXM radio show, popular national radio host Glenn Beck announced that he is no longer endorsing of an Article 5 convention.

Since at least 2013 when Convention of States (COS) was getting started, Glenn Beck has been a strong supporter of their movement, having regular guests on his shows promoting the effort. He himself has endorsed COS since at least 2017.

As recently as April 1, 2022, Glenn Beck, TheBlaze radio host said on an episode of his show, a Convention of States can “actually change things.” Then, Glenn Beck stated he believed, “the Founders gave us a way to fix Washington that doesn’t rely on the good will of our “leaders” in D.C.” Source:

Glenn Beck has seen the light, as he describes with prayer reflection and help from above. Those of us working to guard the Constitution, not amend it, as the Founders taught us, welcome Mr. Beck’s retraction of his endorsement. As the host of the 8th most listened to radio program in America, he is sure to further the national debate, which should touch nearly all laws and political activity far more than it has, the Constitution being the final firewall of Liberty!

See the transcript of his remarks. Transcript: Glenn Beck REMOVES His Endorsement of Convention of States

Intellectually honest citizens that study the Article V convention issue by openly considering information from both sides are typically able to see that Convention of States traffics in deception via word play or alleged references they hope are not looked up and verified. We’ve observed for a long period of time as Mark Meckler slanders opponents that are actually working to guard the Constitution. At the same time he refuses to openly debate as the Founders would want. This sadly is the clear and defining hallmark of a stark lack of credibility.

Those of us in various groups that work together to guard the Constitution are very excited. Mr. Beck’s comments articulate the very important point about how the status of our society is a great danger in opening up the Constitution.

The Founders understood the hard fought Revolutionary War and ineffective Articles of Confederation which caused them to form a new government with the Constitution and did their work inspired by godly values, in the shadow of and reverence for these hard fought freedoms they sought to protect. The Supreme Law of the Land, our Constitution, should not be rolled into the operating room in a time of a lack of pride in and understanding of what Liberty is.

James Madison, Father of the Constitution, wrote to George Lee Turberville, November 2, 1788, describing this important sentiment about not opening our sacred governing documents in times of social upheaval and overly-emotional citizenry. Can anyone honestly say America is not currently at some of the highest levels of irrationalism and emotionalism in the history of our country?

Madison wrote, “Having witnessed the difficulties and dangers experienced by the first Convention which assembled under every propitious circumstance, I should tremble for the result of a Second, meeting in the present temper of America and under all the disadvantages I have mentioned.”

The Founders never said to amend the Constitution to enforce it. Such continues to be a terrible distortion convenient to the malarky pushed by Mark Meckler and the Convention of States, as we discussed here a while ago.

Convention of states has a steady tradition with manipulating the truth and attacking opponents, squashing descent. Convention of States was actually caught reversing the words one of our Founders. We simply can not trust our Constitution to such dishonest people, for any reason.

Article V yes, is in the Constitution, but was not designed for times like these, nor for the reasons promoters claim. Declaring wars is also in the Constitution. Will COS supporters insist Congress declare a few wars? I mean, it is in the Constitution!

Here is some insight into what the Founders actually said to do to save our country. Guard the Constitution, don’t discard it.

You may listen to his brief comments via the embedded player below.

Transcript courtesy Eunice Smith

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