What is this thing called the article 5 convention that we been hearing about?

Our Constitution is the finer firewall that defines liberty. In the history of our nation, 1.4 million troops died to make us free. Guard the Constitution is our effort to educate the public on the Constitution, and specifically article 5.

Article 5 provides for a convention for Congress to call on the application of two thirds of the several states for convention for proposing amendments.

Several organizations fighting in favor of this are very heavily funded and many misrepresent the truth of governing law and the reality of how the situation would play out. Further the founders of our nation did not invoke article 5 is a way to control the federal government, they in fact cited many other ways.

Several of these groups have said that there would be litigation depending on how Congress defines a call to convention. As our laws work, this would ultimately end up in the Supreme Court. However, in fact the Supreme Court has ruled that article 5 is a political matter which means it’s fully up to the handling of Congress, and the courts will not intervene if they behave properly.

The question we must ask ourselves whether were opponents or proponents of an article 5 convention is that there will be litigation this will go to court and that cannot be disputed, that’s how events are handled in this country. We all can agree that the Supreme Court is because some of the problems, in fact many of the problems, regarding interpretation of our Constitution. Why would we possibly want to send it back to them to further create problems? Also if the court holds true to the president where they won’t get involved, exactly how will these serious problems be resolved?

We do not need our Constitution on the international stage of media being played the fool by competing interests that have no clear governing authority.

In fact the founders admonished us that it’s the people that need to remain involved with their government, electing a wise government, meaning wise people to office. To defend against federal encroachment upon states rights. A piece of paper, even a brilliantly researched written and preserved piece of paper, in no way can to tear the unconstitutional, sinister acts of man. Using the Constitution as a guideline, we are admonished that it is other honorable man there to help maintain the lines of demarcation between the different governmental departments as well as the federal government and the states.

We hope you join us and follow along as we use our patent pending model to ensure the furthest reaches of any conservative news and educational media to date. We will build the largest alert list yet seen for the purpose of implementing good policy through the people participate in the process.

Guard the Constitution is a conservative media network using patent-pending revenue sharing to drive record reader activity to educate and pursue an innovative action alert network where the people take the power back from politicians and lobbyists. We fight the deceptive attempts to use Article V of our Constitution to amend it.

Elements of success:
1. Fact-based, logical, Conservative information focused on action
2. Innovative patent-pending revenue sharing catalyst leveraging social media
3. National action alert list – implement the power of 500 citizen-elected model

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